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Why Become a Driving Instructor?

There are a number of reasons to become a driving instructor, the most important being that there is a constant demand. Unless the population stops growing, there will always be a supply of people wanting to drive and seeking lessons. This provides excellent job security and will ensure that your self employed business always has a steady supply of new customers.

As you are the owner of your business you will be free to work the hours you want to work. Everyday, you will be helping people achieve their goals and you'll spend most of your time in the comfort of your own car.

If you'd like to learn to become a driving instructor, SLD Driving School offer effective instructor training and driving lessons in East Surrey including Reigate and Redhill.


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The Process

If you wish to become a driving instructor you'll need to have:

  • A full driving license with at least 2 years of experience
  • A clean history, with no more than 6 points registered

Once you have these you can then begin the training which consists of 3 parts.






Part 1 – Theory Test

The first stage is to complete the theory test which is made up of a multiple choice exam and a hazard perception test. Obviously, as a driving instructor you will be expected to have a deeper understanding of driving techniques, rules of the road and The Highway Code. In the hazard perception exam you will learn to identify the risks and hazards that can occur when you are driving.

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Part 2 – Practical Driving Test

Once you have passed the theory test you would then move onto the practical lessons which is what . You'll need to move onto the practical test within 2 years of passing the theory test. This stage takes around 10-15 hours, but could take longer, or less, depending on how advanced you are.

During lessons I will provide you with practical knowledge and advice as well as my own manual which will enhance and augment your learning. When you are ready you will then need to take the practical driving test, which will enable you to move onto the instructional ability stage.

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Part 3 – Instructional Ability Stage

The third and final stage assesses your ability to help and teach learners. This is the most difficult part of qualifying and can take around 40 hours of learning. SLD Driving School will take lessons with you and a pupil to ensure you get the full experience. You will get 3 attempts to pass this part, and when you are ready you get a trainee driving instructor license or what is also known as a pink badge.

Once you have this trainee driving instructor license you are ready to take lessons with paying customers. You are then free to take the first steps to creating your own self employed business.

People learn at different speeds and you may be at a different level to another person, so there is no one size fits all solution. SLD Driving School offer driving instructor training and driving lessons in East Surrey including Reigate and Redhill. If you would like to train as a driving instructor, please get in touch with me at SLD Driving School, and we can have a friendly chat.


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