The main controls. Cockpit Drill.

First we will look at the Cockpit Drill and setting the car up for you to drive.

First we make sure the doors are closed, then the seat:

Forward and backwards, we need a slight bend in your knees, then the rake, the cog on your right hand side does this, you are looking for a slight bend in your arms when you hold the steering wheel. The head restraint should be level with the top of your head.

The seatbelt: make sure the seatbelt is not twisted.

Now set the mirrors, remember don’t lean forward when you set the center mirror and don’t touch the glass.

The Cockpit drill
the cockpit drill is a simple sequence of actions that must be carried out each time you sit behind the driving wheel. However, before you start this drill make sure the car is secure by checking the handbrake is on.

make sure that all doors are firmly shut. Take special care if you are carrying children, use child locks if your vehicle has them

Adjust the base of your seat so that you can operate the foot pedals easily.

Firstly, ensure that you can depress the clutch pedal fully while not over stretching your left leg.

Secondly, if the base of the seat can be raised up and down adjust it until you can get a good view of the road ahead.

Thirdly, adjust the backrest of your seat so that you can reach all of the steering wheel with your arms slightly bent.

In some cars the steering wheel can be adjusted up, down, in or out. Use this adjustment in combination with the back rest. Fourthly, make sure that the head restraint is adjusted correctly to protect your neck and spine.