Good Morning,

So the big question is when can driving instructors start working again.

We can teach in tier 2 & 3 but we can't teach it tier 4.

At the moment Redhill, Coulsdon, Dorking and Reigate are all in tier 4, so I cant teach at the moment, sorry. 

I will make a commitment to all my pupils that when I start working again I will do everything I can to get you back to standard as quickly as possible if you need more than 1 lesson a week I will do my best to fit you in. 

As you all will know Boris lets us know every 2 weeks if we are to stay in our tiers, as soon as we come out of tier 4 I will start again and let all my students know on our whatsapp group. 

Don't get down about your lessons, in the big scheme of things your all safe and well, driving lessons can be put on hold, it won't be long now and we can start to get back to driving.

Don't waste this time, even if your a passenger watch what the driver does, ask questions, buy the book Roadcraft, it's a great read, it won't teach you to drive but it will show you how to read the road, which is why you pay us really. 

As ever any questions please call me, 07578 264 122. 

Good Luck